River View Dairy has always maintained the safest and strictest food handling procedures.  As we've grown, many of our customers have requested we go kosher.  Regardless of your background or beliefs, you'll find choosing our kosher dairy is the healthiest choice for you.


You won't believe you're tasting goat milk.  The silky yogurt with added fruit is packed with nutrients.  Good for your health.  Good for your skin.


Why Goat Milk?

Look, we're not here to make any outlandish claims about the benefits of goat milk compared to that other dairy.  Maybe you're here because you already know (ask your family health care professional).  What we believe is this; that goat milk is far easier to digest, is denser in nutritional value and is less likely to inflame your milk allergy when compared to cow milk.  Finally, goats make a third of an environmental impact compared to cows.  Let's be good to our planet.

We think it tastes better because our goats are happy!

find us at and at Salonika Imports, 3509 Smallman St, Pittsburgh PA 15201.


River View Dairy was formed in 2008.  With three generations of cheese making experience, we are now offering our handcrafted goat and sheep cheese and our silky, naturally flavored yogurt drinks to you.

Photography courtesy of Gary Smith


We are now expanding our operations in association with other Grade A, kosher facilities in Ohio and Pennsylvania.  We are only 90 minutes from Pittsburgh and 10 minutes from I-80,  ideally located to service Pennsyvlania, Ohio, New York and beyond.